Proven Track Record

We facilitate, improve and expand the life science business with first class service and support at an affordable and flexible investment level.

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Being innovative is the only way to reach the next level. But what if a superb invention is not recognized and/or developed professionally by entrepreneurs with proven expertise?


Transforming an invention into a fundable business opportunity is not easy. Valorization often fails due to lack of business focus in the proof of principle phase. What will be the first product and what is the road to get there?


There are a lot of do’s and don’ts when starting a new venture. What about finance, a viable business case, product versus service, human capital, partnering or not, patents, lab and/or office space... And do you have a development plan?


The after start-up phase requires your attention on other things to anticipate on. Growth, talent development, continuous innovation, globalization are a couple of challenges to deal with. Do you need a sparring partner on executive level?

We have a proven track record in the field of financing, fiscal matters, strategic business planning, business plan establishment, fundraising, grants, business development, strategic selling, quality assurance, quality management, patents, LIMS, websites and all those things needed to keep your venture healthy and successful! JUST TRY US!