An invention is great. But how to create value from an invention or even turn it into a business? During the Research and early Development many decisions have to be taken. Many issues and questions that you never have dealt with will occur. How to submit a patent and what is required in a patent to support a potential product? How to get finance and how much?, How to write a development plan and a business case. Where can you outsource activities? Good inventions often do not even reach the manufacturing phase because of a wrong strategy, lack of expertise and unrealistic expectations.

The professionals of LifeScienceGO! can support you with

  1. Fine-tuning of your idea and/or invention (as a sparring partner of the scientist)
  2. Preliminary business plan
  3. Informal investigations of financing, patenting, business models, -intelligence and – development
  4. Coaching of scientists, Recruitment and Executive Search
  5. General Management

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