Once proof of principle has been created for your invention, it has to be developed and validated as a potential product for the marketplace. To do this not only finance is needed, but also a structure to support your invention and your new venture. A solid business plan is one of the first requirements. Questions such as what is your first product and/or service, what does it add to the current products, how is the development plan, what is your business model, how much finance do you need to start the venture, how many people do you need, which expertise, when is break-even and so on become serious. The answers to these questions will form the basis for the success of your new venture. It is a lot of work and requires experience and focus. The challenge is to do it first-time-right.

The professionals of LifeScienceGO! can support you with

  1. Business planning, Business intelligence & strategy
  2. Grants and Finance (pre-seed, subsidy, venture capital)
  3. Development planning and management
  4. Coaching of scientists, Recruitment & Executive Search
  5. In- and out licensing of technology IP

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